Saturday, September 10, 2011

the lady of shallots

A couple of weeks ago the Fella offered to go to the supermarket.  Imagine my delight!

So I gave him the shopping list, pulled my tracksuit pants up to a comfortable height, and sat down with a cup of tea and an array of biscuits.

Three caramel crowns and one choc-coated scotch finger later, I heard the heavy footsteps of a fully-laden Fella approaching the back door.

Ellen and I rushed to greet him with equal enthusiasm, but while she barrelled ahead to jump all over him, oblivious to the torrent of cursing and screams, I was stopped in my tracks by a most curious spectacle.

As usual, the Fella's arms were weighed down by an assortment of unauthorised (but always delicious) purchases, but his face was also obscured by the unruly contents of a bag gripped under his left arm.

Spring onions.  Thousands upon thousands of spring onions. Waving and dancing like a furious Medusa.

"Fella!" I exclaimed, "Why did you buy so many spring onions?"

"You asked me to!" he replied with the fury of a man who has struggled to keep four kilograms of spring onions safe from the affections of a leaping labrador.

"No, Fella!" I said, "I asked you to buy three shallots."

"But these say shallots on the tag!" He stabbed at a tag with a Finger of Righteousness. "So I got three bunches."

"Oh Fella."  I shook my head.  "You forget your roots.  We are Victorians - these are spring onions, not shallots.  I'm afraid you've gone native."  And I turned away so he couldn't see my Sad Face.

And when I had got over the shock, my Sad Face turned to Puzzled Face as I tried to work out what to do with a commercial quantity of spring onions.

These tasty treats were an excellent start.

Spring Onion Cakes from Alexander, S. Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion Penguin 2009  

Modifications: Used vegetable oil instead of lard, and tripled recipe to use up extra spring onions.  Kept well in fridge for a few days as balls, which I rolled out at time of cooking.
Verdict: Unbelievably good.  Which was just as well, because this is all we ate for a week.

Recipe scan not possible, but it has very helpfully been typed out at this fine food blog.

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