Friday, October 28, 2011

the trouble with wood

Yesterday I had to take Ellen to the vet because she'd been worrying at her paw, and I thought she might have a grass seed.

When the vet looked at it, he found that it was quite infected, and he told me he would need to give her an anaesthetic and have a look.

So I went home and waited anxiously for his call.

A couple of hours later he rang and said Ellen had come through her little operation just fine.  He hadn't found a grass seed, but he'd removed some splinters.

He asked me "Does Ellen like eating wood?"

Well, I had to think hard about that.

I think maybe she does.

So today she's all bandaged up and feeling very sorry for herself.

But it's nothing a tasty carrot can't fix.

I will return very soon with some recipes.

The end of the year approaches.

Monday, October 3, 2011

naming a spider

One of the advantages of being an unreliable and tardy blogger is that there is plenty of time for Things Of Interest to occur between posts.

The world is simply not interesting enough to blog about every day, but leave it a fortnight or so, and KAPOW! You have been flooded with curiosities, inspirations and sources of wonder.  This is why the newspaper is a dying art from.

So while I've been resting, two things of great fascination have been placed into my In-Tray of Wonderment.  That's right.  Two.

The first, as is often the case, is Japanese.  And unsurprisingly, is food-related.  And even less surprisingly, mayonnaise-related.

I had always believed that the phenomenon of stating the obvious on food packaging was a symptom of the decline of Western society, and indicative of general endumbening.  You know the type of thing - the warnings that your coffee is hot, or that your bag of peanuts contains peanuts, or that you shouldn't keep children in plastic bags.

But it seems my favourite Japanese mayonnaise has also been idiot-proofed.

I was a little sad to see this qualifier by the best before date:

I guess they had too many people complaining that their mayonnaise was two thousand years out of date.

And my second curiosity came from that perennial source of wonder - the trivia-emblazoned adhesive strip on certain lady products.  I have remarked before on some of the more dubious "facts" these products shout at you at your most vulnerable time, but I think they're getting more careful in their claims.  Many facts, such as this one, are very hard to dispute:

But they're also a little unremarkable.

I think I was happier when they were making up facts about pumpkins.

And in other new, here are some of the things I've been eating while I've been mulling over life's mysteries.

Cornbread from Gyngell, S. How I Cook Quadrille Publishing 2010

Modifications: None
Verdict: Delicious.  Ate with butter and honey after googling "what in the hell do I eat with cornbread?"

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