Friday, December 2, 2011

deja potato

On a couple of occasions this year I have cooked from the same book twice.  And this makes me angrier than you can imagine.

I thought it had happened again when I went to save the following photo of patato keftethes, and was told bluntly by my computer that a file already existed with that name.  But a little exploration revealed, to my great relief, that I hadn't used the same book twice.  I had used the same recipe twice.  It seems that Mr Ziggy Neuf has published a recipe that is almost identical to this one from Stubbs' The Home Book of Greek Cookery.  And of course that's the one I zeroed in on, completely forgetting my earlier carbolicious triumph.  What's a girl to do when she loves fried mashed potato?

Patato Keftethes from Neuf, Z. The No Worries Aussie Gourmet Cookbook The Billy Blue Group 1984

Modifications: None
Verdict: These were actually better than the first time I made them.  I may be mastering the art of frying soft things.

Lots more recipes follow...

Pasta with Celery from Wolter, A.Vegetable Delights The Book Company International 1995

Modifications: None
Verdict: I don't like celery.  The Fella doesn't like celery.  I have no idea why I thought this would be a good idea.  Most unpleasant.

Simple Mushroom Omelet from Thomas, A. The Vegetarian Epicure Penguin 1979

Modifications: Added some goat's cheese to the mushroom filling
Verdict: Lovely

Risotto con Asparagi Selvatici (risotto with asparagus) from Ferrigno, U. Bringing Italy Home Mitchell Beazley 2005

Modifications: None
Verdict: Delicious

Vegetarian Pie from The No Time to Cook Book: tempting time saving recipes for today JB Fairfax Press 1989

Modifications: Omitted asparagus
Verdict: Tasty enough, but not the tempting time-saver that the title of the book promised.  This took forever to make and I was forced to snack on peanuts.  Many, many peanuts.

Baked New Potatoes with Sea Salt and Rosemary from Oliver, J. Something for the Weekend Penguin 2004

Modifications: Used old potatoes.
Verdict: Simple and delicious.  Perfect served alongside the following lasagna.

Lasagne with Spinach and Cheese from Elliot, R. Vegetarian Dishes of the World HarperCollins 1996

Modifications: Used mozzarella on top instead of Edam.
Verdict: Cheesy, but green, so obviously healthy.

Campari and Fresh Orange Juice from Stewart, M. Martha Stewart's Menus for Entertaining Ebury Press 1994

Modifications: May have put in a teeny bit more Campari than Martha recommended.
Verdict: I have not come down with a cold since drinking this, so I assume it's right what they say about orange juice and Vitamin C.  I might just have to drink this every day.

Orange Swirls from Jones, B. Oranges Harlaxton Publishing 1993

Modifications: I did not make these swirly, but squished them with a fork. 
Verdict: Crumbly, sweet and fabulous.  I would have closed my eyes with pleasure whilst eating these, but someone would steal the rest of the biscuits if I did that.

Pan-Fried Gnocchi with Pumpkin, Ricotta and Sage from Strode, J. & J. Two's Cooking Pan Macmillan 2005

Modifications: None 
Verdict: A lovely change from my usual boiled gnocchi.  Fresh ricotta on top was lovely.

Goats' Cheese Souffle from Timperley, C. & Norman, C. A Gourmet's Book of Cheese Golden Press 1989

Modifications: None 
Verdict: Rose nicely, but was a little bland.

Potato Kugel from Roden, C. The Book of Jewish Food Alfred A. Knopf 1996

Modifications: Halved the recipe. 
Verdict: Very tasty.  Like a big baked hash brown.

Recipe scan not possible.

Tomato and Ricotta Penne from Sanitarium: Best of Vegetarian Murdoch Books 1993

Modifications: Used fusilli instead of penne.
Verdict: Simple and very tasty.

Lavash from Malouf, G. & L. Saraban: a chef's journey through Persia Hardie Grant Books 2010

Modifications: None 
Verdict: Easy to make and great for mopping up the following eggplant dish

Recipe scan not possible.

Mnazellah from Partington, G. The Axis of Evil Cookbook Saqi Books 2007

Modifications: Used tinned tomatoes instead of fresh.
Verdict: Delicious.  Nutmeg added a lovely dimension.

Vermicelli Rice from Roden, C. Arabesque: a taste of Morocco, Turkey & Lebanon Penguin 2005

Modifications: None
Verdict: Very good served with Mnazellah.

Spinach and Feta Fatayer from Vera, V. Feast Bazaar Murdoch Books 2008

Modifications: Used frozen spinach instead of fresh.
Verdict: Excellent.  Recipe makes a huge amount of filling.  I froze some for another time.

Blueberry-Banana Muffins from Culinary Arts Institute: 250 Breads, Biscuits & Rolls Consolidated Book Publishers 1969

Modifications: Used butter instead of vegetable shortening.
Verdict: Excellent.

Screwdriver from Speier, A.Z. (ed) The Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course (3rd ed) St Martin's Griffin 1999

Modifications: Added an ice cube.  May have put in more vodka than specified.  Who has time to measure these things?
Verdict: A very good way of using up the last of the season's blood orange juice.

Risi e Bisi from Rogers, S. The Cook’s Garden Angus & Robertson 1992

Modifications: Used frozen peas and vegetable stock.
Verdict: Filling and comforting.

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